Innovative Design + Quality Timber + Handcrafted Techniques

Delight in a builder that prides themselves on a unique hands-on approach to every detail of log or timber construction, building legacy log structures. Ensuring you feel confident that your dream home or timber frame is diligently built from design conception to onsite construction. 


Regardless of the style of timber log home construction you prefer, we can build it. We offer log & timber construction services for any type of project.

From building custom log or heavy timber entrance features to cottages, homes and lodges using dovetails, shrink fit saddle notches, round log or squared timbers; whatever your needs, we are able to deliver the highest quality in hand cut, wood joinery.

Complicated timber roof systems with compound valley connections are regularly executed by our experienced employees. We offer hand-hewn beams, drawknife peeled logs and fully planed square timbers.


Competent & Confident Constructing

  • Dovetails
  • Shrink Fit Saddle Notches
  • Round Log Structures
  • Square Timbers
  • Complex Roof Systems
  • Compound Valley Connections
  • Hand Cut Wood Joinery


The traditional craft of log construction builds a home like a fortress.

You will appreciate the organic shape and texture of hand-peeled logs and admire the exposed craftsmanship as you preserve the natural beauty and character of each tree.

Keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, our thermal mass logs regulate temperatures and build homes to last for hundreds of years.

Laverty Log Homes & Timber Frames’ custom built homes are constructed entirely according to your vision while engineered to meet or exceed national building codes.

We Can Build Your Dream

A log home, timber frame, or design feature is a multi-step process that exists as a partnership between you and our team. Don’t worry, we can facilitate your entire project from vision to completion, providing outstanding quality hassle-free.

Take the first step. Meet with our team to discuss your dream.