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Laverty Log Homes and Timber Frames recently set up and installed a very lovely, full scribe dovetail log home for a very special couple.
It was a 2,200 square foot building made from 30” diameter white pine logs harvested at the end of their life cycle. The open timber roof system had an enormous amount of timber in it and was the crown of the building.
Using traditional hand-cut methods, each log and timber meticulously fit together as the craftsmen at Laverty Log Homes agonized over each connection. From start to finish, the log work took almost 6 months to cut and assemble.
A log home is a tremendous undertaking. It takes a team of dedicated people to build one. And our team here at Laverty Log Homes put something of themselves into that building. We all pulled together to build something special – for our special clients.
This is why the act of arson is a true struggle for us to understand.
On Monday, August 9th, three weeks after we erected the log structure, someone intentionally set fire to the building.
It troubles me greatly to think that a person is out there who cares so little for those 150-year-old white pine trees in that building.
It troubles me to think that a person out there is so senseless that they would destroy something that took so much effort to create.
It troubles me to think that a person out there had no regard for the people sleeping in the houses beside our project. To recklessly endanger the lives of others is unconscionable. And I commend the firefighters that prevented this tragedy from becoming worse.
And it troubles me greatly to think there is a person out there that would so violently attack our clients. Two wonderfully hardworking people, making a move to the community of Kincardine to retire in their dream home.
Arson is an act with absolutely no regard for all who become connected to the risk and the loss. Arson is a devastating crime.
I find it deeply troubling, but it is not the last word.
Our clients have vowed that they will rebuild.
And we will.
Our clients and our craftsmen will have the last word.
It is in the human spirit to create. So in the face of this destructive act, our response is to build.