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Proving a virtual walkthrough of your home or feature with a 3D model.

You are investing in a custom built home so it is important that you’re happy with the design before we pick up a tool.

  • Already have an architect or design team? We work with them to develop your log home or timber frame. Our software is customized to show detailed wood joinery. The sooner we get involved with the design process the better.
  • Commercial clients: we supply in-house, detailed, shop drawings for each timber in the frame providing engineer stamped drawings with trade credibility.

Energy Efficiency Engineering.

If you are interested in high energy efficiency, you need to address the thermal bridging issue found in most stud wall construction.

In contrast to stud framed homes, Laverty Log Homes and Timber Frames’ builds are energy efficient because the strong timber frame is covered with large Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS).

There is very little thermal bridging in a SIPS wall. SIPS can also be used on the roofs of log homes. They have very high R values, and they dramatically speed up the entire construction process. The above 2,000 sq/ft timber frame home was completely closed in and insulated in 3 days.

The best way to have a weather-tight home is to use hidden gaskets.

Some log builders still use fibreglass insulation in their log notches and grooves – it is cheaper and most log home clients do not realize that fibreglass does not perform well.

In short, fibreglass is not a gasket and it does not stop wind or moisture and your home may leak.

The Effective Practices and Methods of the International Log Builders Association specify that all log joinery must be gasketed. Gaskets are a must and at Laverty Log Homes and Timber Frames, we will not build a full scribe log home without them.

We Can Build Your Dream

A log home, timber frame, or design feature is a multi-step process that exists as a partnership between you and our team. Don’t worry, we can facilitate your entire project from vision to completion, providing outstanding quality hassle-free.

Take the first step. Meet with our team to discuss your dream.