About - Laverty Log Homes and Timber Frames
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Laverty Log Homes & Timber Frames is a Canadian company
passionate about the art of authentically handcrafted log homes and timber frame buildings.

As your Ontario Log Home & Timber Frame builder, we pursue excellence. As handcrafters, there is nothing automated about our process. We only use hand tools to shape logs and heavy timber, often hewing timbers as it has been done for centuries in Europe.


Laverty Log Homes offers log & timber construction services for any type of project, from building custom log or heavy timber, cottages, homes and lodges including dovetails, shrink fit saddle notches, round log or squared timbers. Whatever your needs, we are able to deliver the highest quality in wood joinery. Laverty Log Homes is a member in good standing of the International Log Builders’ Association (ILBA)


At Laverty Log Homes, we believe that the soul of a log home or timber home comes from the care spent creating it as if it were a piece of art. We pride ourselves on our unique hands-on approach to every aspect of log or timber construction. We are passionate about our handcrafted work.

Our log homes are engineered with a special double gasket system inside the wooden joinery to prevent drafts or water infiltration.  We do not use fibreglass.


We excel at complex open timber/log roof systems including, trusses, valleys, heavy purlins and rafters.  We use authentic wood joinery in our homes.


Our timber frames are cut from white pine, douglas fir or oak. We also have used hardwoods like cherry or walnut to really make a statement, contrasting blonde pine frames with bold colour.

Earl’s craftsmanship for log building is second to none, but equally as important, Earl took the time to understand our goals and needs to help give us advice along the way.

Corey & Holly (Paris, ON)


Earl Laverty is the owner of Laverty Log Homes and Timber Frames, a family run business in its 11th year, producing high-quality log homes and furniture grade timber frames.


– Previous Vice President of International Log Builders Association
– Log Building Standards & Effective Practices Committee Member


Over the past 10 years, Earl has been an active member of the International Log Builders Association, serving for 6 years on the board of directors and in the role of vice president. Earl has served on several committees including the committee to overhaul the Log Building Standards and development of the Effective Practices and Methods. Earl’s commitment to the highest standards of log and heavy timber construction and a passion to create with wood is the foundation of your Ontario Log Home & Timber Frame supplier.


The International Log Builders Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the education of building officials, builders, homeowners and the general public, about log homes and proper building methods. The Effective Practices and Methods of construction, scientific testing of solid log wall construction and the sharing of knowledge, are the main focus of the ILBA.

Dietrichs North American is a leading company in 3D CAD design software. Its ability to model and design structures – including complex wood and heavy timber connections make Dietrichs a very powerful tool in Log and timber construction.

Sansin has a wide variety of log and timber treatments that protect your investment and allow the wood to breathe. With a wide variety of low VOC standard colours and custom mixes, you will find exact colours to suit your tastes.